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We are a Joico and GHD salon.

In stock we have a variety of products and electrical goods ready for purchace!

Joico - The joi of healty hair

Joico is a hair company that is dedicated to beauty and healthy hair, they aspire to create top performing products for all hair types. Joico cares for the enviroment and is committed to providing high quality, safe products. This company does not partisipate in animal testing.

Joico uses the Quadramine complex in their colour range to ensure maximum reconstruction from the cortex to the cuticle. It not only repairs the hair it protects the hair from further damage during the colour process, allowing you to create endless one-of-a-kind shades while keeping outstanding condition, vibrancy and confidence.

GHD - good hair day

Guarantees sleek and smooth results whilst cutting down styling time, perfect for all hair types. GHD delivers 70% stronger hair, 75% more shine and 2x more colour protection. Uses a temperature that is scientifically proven to produce long-lasting hair without causing damage.

A guaranteed Good Hair Day!